Music that moves you, takes you somewhere else but most of all connects to the story being told. 

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Push The Boundaries Of What Is Possible

Writing music has always been my passion! From the moment I picked up a guitar I wanted to create. And that’s still the case today, whether it’s as a sonic brand designer, music composer (or as some call it a sound designer) for a movie or documentary or the soundtrack for a (serious) game or anything from a small singer songwriter to a full blown orchestral track.

I’m always trying to push the boundaries of what is possible within a certain concept. Always trying to make your music as original and most of all unique as possible. From big Orchestras to synth heavy scores, or just one guitar, Every concept has its unique approach. 

Djuri Boot


My Expertise


Composition always led by storytelling and concept and a passion for great sound.


I was a huge film fanatic from an early age on. Being a part of that world is why I started my journey as a music composer.


Real life events that intrigue me. It's always special to unravel the story behind the people and events.


I love the non linear storytelling of games. And the range of variations programs like WWISE can create.

tv / radio ads

TV / Radio Commercials are like small movies. The basics are the same, tell a story! Just in a shorter amount of time.


Podcasts are fascinating because it's all about what you hear, telling stories and building worlds without visuals.


Events are perfect opportunities to go big! I love to write custom music for parades, opening ceremonies and grand entrances.


what Clients Say

Some great quotes of inspiring people I worked with. All where part of great projects which you obviously can find in my portfolio section. 

    Djuri is a real professional who knows what he’s doing. He is always looking for that extra layer of storytelling in his compositions and soundtracks, something that really makes a difference in a production, so don’t hesitate, call him!

    Rutger van der Wiel

    Owner Indicia Digital Storytellers

      I find a lot of comfort in knowing that I can turn to Djuri and trust his craftsmanship. Until now he has helped me with great music for commercials. Djuri is my go-to-guy for everything even remotely connected to music.

      Eelco Anneveldt

      Creative Director Anneveldt.net

        Djuri and I worked on a very special project: an escape room for healthcare workers in long term care. He did his research to fully understand the depth and impact of the project, and translated these insights to beautiful music that brought me to tears on a first listen. It was everything I had hoped for. And more.

        Evelyn van den Burg

        Game Designer & Story Writer Notion

          For my Documentaries I really like to work with Djuri. He always takes that extra step and never settles for less than perfect. Everytime we worked with eachother he was spot on. His music elevates my work and really moves me everytme!

          Arienne Dozeman


            Working with Djuri is a great pleasure! He listens carefully to your wishes, but does not blindly accept them. He tries to find out what exactly your needs are behind your question and knows how to connect seamlessly with that. Going into a project with him is exciting, because you can't wait until you know what beautiful things he has created again. He always knows how to add that extra layer that you need to have a real impact.

            Bart Jan Cune


              I declare you the Mozard of the Dutch gaming industry

              Michael Ramlal

              Concept Artist


              Latest news and article

              Here you can stay up to date with all of my adventures as a composer, not all about music but also about things that move me. But also awards/nominations can be found here. 

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