Music that moves you, takes you somewhere else but most of all connect to the story being told. 

— Who I am

I love stories and story telling and always look for that unique perspective on everything I work on. Most of the time I start with “pen and paper” and no music, but a musical concept that connects with the story. A concept that makes it easier to create lots of content for a brand movie or anything else I work on. 

— Multi talent

Whether it is a story from a movie or the story of a company or the story of a product, everything has that story. So although Sonic Branding and Movie composition seem miles apart in my world the approach is almost identical. 

— All about the story

The story is unique, so the music should be too. I started my career as a composer because of my love for music and making music. That still is the case today. Every movie, documentary, tv commercial, or game still sparks that flame. 

— Heart core involved

I’m always all in! No half work but always committed and emotionally involved in what I do. Composing a piece of music that moves people and takes them somewhere else is the goal. Music is the last piece of that puzzle. 

— Musical Services

Documentary music composer
Explainer movies music composer
Game Music Composer
Radio commercial music composer

Motion pictures music composer
Animation music composer
Premium stock music composer
Music Producer for artists

— Lets Meet

I am always eager to get to know the person who’s as passionate about their project, as I am. If you like what you hear, and would like to know if we could be a match for your next project. Let’s get in touch.