An Adventure

An adventure Yes! It always feels like an adventure when a new assignment comes in! A journey through a strange land…. Raised with movies like Indiana Jones, Star Wars, but also a lot of Westerns admin August 30, 2021 Aftermovie Score, Commercial, Event Score, Movie Score, Music, Personal, Uncategorized Yes! It always feels like an […]

Film Music Festival Kraków

Film music festival Krakow A huge honour to be selected as 5th finalist in the Young Talent Award competition at the Kraków Film Music Festival admin May 20, 2019 Festival,Movie Score,Music I had a wonderful time in Kraków, attending workshops and concerts, including a live concert of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, one of my favorite movies […]

Winner Communication Award

Very proud! Winner of The Communication Award Brabant 2018 with GIG creative film production! Documentary: “Avondje NAC: een liefdesverklaring” Category: Video Communication  

Fox Sports documentary

The newest Sport Fox documentary about NAC “Nooit opgeven, altijd Gudelj” will be broadcasted today at the Fox Sports NL channel (21:30, Fox Sports subsribers only). About Nemanja Gudelj, his family, and their focus on top sport. The moviescore to this documentary is “Sweet Memories”. You can check it out by clicking on the picture […]

Nomination Film Festival

Eindhoven Film Festival (EFF) nominated the movie “Getuige”. A movie about a terrorist attack in a theater. This movie is unique as it is fully music based with rarely any dialogue. I was challenged to create a tense atmosphere without using melodic elements. Fun fact: I embedded S.O.S. in morse code in the Music Score.

Linda Meiden

Great news! Linda Meiden has decided to broadcast the documentary “De Illusie die Perfectie heet” as a two-piece documentary. An unique documentary in which former Touché model Charlotte van Buuren highlights a different side of the model life. Part 1 of the documentary is already online, part 2 will be available at the 26th of September

Nomination De Bonk

And more nomination news. The documentary Wij zijn NAC, wij zijn terug is nominated for the Communication Award Brabant, a.k.a. De Bonk!