We Are Playgrounds Panel

Postproduction in your Preproduction




“We’ll fix it in Post!” 😢


During this We Are Playgrounds Panel Yassin, Guido, Neeltje and Me discussed the importance of your postproduction and postproduction schedule.

Don’t think of it when you are done shooting, but be conscious of it early on. Knowing what you want early on, not only saves you money and time but also creates more creativity! I shared insights about real life cases where music made a big impact on the production because they brought me on board early on. From a director falling in love with a theme and making it the Centre of the music universe to a case where the music I composed WAS the temp music, making it a breeze for the editors to cut the scenes and giving the director a sense of what her movie was going to be. (Case discussed was AVONDJE NAC Een liefdesverklaring)

Everybody bringing their own expertise and experiences created a unique perspective on what postproduction CAN be if you think ahead.

Less problems, more creativity, engaged team members, better time management, better budget management and most of all, a beautiful movie/game/shortmovie/documentary.
Don’t think of VFX/Colorgrading/Music/Mixing when you are done shooting, but start early. Reach out to the people you need before you start shooting.

It was great to talk with everyone and share my two cents about the subject. Thank you playgrounds for having me and thank you Yassin, Guido and Neeltje.