Christmas Parade Kroonenberg

For the new christmas parade in several shopping malls I composed the music. The idea is obviously to contribute to the positive vibe of winter and christmas, making the shopping experience even better

Aftermovie Score,Commercial,Event Score,Music

Is it Christmas already?

I wrote new music for the Christmas/Winterparades from the Kroonenberggroup. 

In collaboration with the wonderful Foxpartnership Events Annet Vossenaar. 

The dates are:
18th December Amsterdam Gelderandplein
19th December Hilversum Hilvertshof 
26th December Breda Barones
29th December Amsterdam Gelderlandplein 

See you there?
(In the picture the great Danielle van Rattingen who did the leadvocals)

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Aftermovie Score,Commercial,Event Score,Music

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