Event Score

For this special award show, for and by communication professionals, the mission was to write music that fitted in with the surrealistic video. We went for larger than life on all fronts, to enhance the effect of the video. An opera voice with an absurdly large orchestra (344 strings among others)!

By combining the surrealistic images with a surrealistic composition, both in melody and ininstrument choices, something arises that surprises you, surprises you, but also impresses you. All in line with the vision of this special communication award. The final and greatest challenge was how to gracefully implement the word “Bonk” ???? This was achieved by a beautiful female voice that sings the word BONK in a very graceful, opera-like way. The music score and its derived variants, became the central theme throughout the entire show: introducing the jury members, during voting and, last but not least, to announce the winners.

Djuri Boot, Dutch Music Composer
- All rights reserved