Yes, fully charged again after a wonderful holiday on Tenerife. And I can’t wait to share my best moment with you. I spent the night in a refugio on the volcano “El Teide” and wanted to see the sun rise from the top. It was a tough trip up, but I continued. I must honestly confess that there were moments that I wanted to give up, moments that I fell, moments that everyone caught me up, moments when I took the wrong path… But I know: if you want to achieve beautiful things, you sometimes have to just push through and get on. So I did, with one foot in front of the other and a nice soundtrack on my headphones. And suddenly I was there, in the pitch-black darkness on top of that volcano. Sitting on the edge of the crater, I watched the most beautiful sunrise ever. And I enjoyed the road I had just traveled. I certainly did not take the easy way out, and that is without a doubt the reason why this experience came out extra valuable.


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