Alpha Lions (Trailermusic)

New Trailer music for the game Alpha Lions from gamestudio Studio MX. A crossover between modern and oldschool Game Music

Universal (Production Music)

Universal Production Music / Nuvotone – Brewing Storm My music is featured on the album Brewing Storm by Universal Music Nuvotone admin December 1, 2021

Glimble by Arriva (Radio Ads)

Glimble Radio Ads and full song For Glimble (app made by Arriva) I went back to my roots in pop music with this very happy song. Not only used as full song on spotify but also cut for Radio Ads admin September 30, 2021 Credits: Music by: Djuri BootProduction: Djuri BootBureau: Fama VolatVocals: Frederique […]

Cassis Music (online Ads)

Cassis audio logo and music I composed/designed the music and audio logo for Hero Cassis with only one goal, to make every instrument with just the Can! admin April 21, 2021 The Process This is the making off. All sounds in the song and the audio logo at the end are made out of a […]

Building Blocks Audio Logo

Building Blocks Music + Audio Logo Digging up some very old Puzzles and a Rubik’s cube, sampling them, and making an instrument out of all that material resulted in a very unique and modern sound for the Rhythmic layer admin December 13, 2020 There are some projects that are just a lot of fun! Because a […]

PSV Brainport (Online Ads)

PSV Brainport (online Ads) When first approached for this project by Fama Volat one thing was obvious, a strong musical concept was needed for the reveal of this sponsored campaign. Rather than choosing a certain style, or genre, I chose to work from the text written on the shirt. The text sums it all up basically: “United […]

Ploegendienst (After Movie)

Ploegendienst (After movie) This is an after movie for a techno festival in Holland. admin June 5, 2018 This is an after movie for a techno festival in Holland. The owner wanted something different then one of the techno tracks everybody heard on the festival, something that highlighted the love between the people on the […]

Keuken Kampioen (Tv Ads)

Keuken Kampioen TV Ads The subject of this commercial is the factory and especially the people working there! They are heroes. (They deliver faster, better than any competitor on the market). The choice was a heroic theme with a big orchestra which didn’t fight with the voice over. admin May 27, 2018   Credits: […]