documentary "De Illusie

Die perfectie heet”

This is a music suite (short resume of all the music in the movie) I wrote for a documentary that is about a model. She is forced to cut off her work because she has developed an eating disorder. The movie is all about mourning. As psychology says mourning has a certain curve. It is a “V” curve. In music you could interpret this V on all kinds of levels, from a very small cue to a very big one. (Patterns like: Loud > Soft > Loud, Theme1 > Bridge > Theme2, and many more) Besides that I wanted the music to let you know if she is far away from the world or really close. For this third dimension I chose to make the strings the outside world and the individual instruments (especially the piano) represents her.

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Music Score: Djuri Boot
Movie producer: Charlotte van Buuren

Djuri Boot, Dutch Music Composer
- All rights reserved