Scapino Ballet Rotterdam
Audio Logo

Audio Logo/Sonic Branding for Scapino Ballet Rotterdam. A catchy melody combined with sounddesign from their dansers 

The idea was to look for a melody that has a future and can therefore also be expanded into a full track if necessary, but also has to fit into different kinds of styles. (Pop, rock, country or classical for example). In addition, this first version has special Sound Design elements that really make it “Scapino Ballet”. In addition to the sounds of the dancers, their sounds have also been processed into instruments, which makes this audio logo even more unique.
Below a short recap of how the process went and also a link to how an extension could work.

Play Video

And below you can hear what a simple phrase can become….


Music by: Djuri Boot
Production: Djuri Boot
Bureau: Scapino ballet Rotterdam

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