An Adventure

Yes! It always feels like an adventure when a new assignment comes in! A journey through a strange land…. Raised with movies like Indiana Jones, Star Wars, but also a lot of Westerns, “The hero’s journey” is a very familiar field for me. (There are pictures of me laying in my baby chair watching a western movie)

In the end I never became a archeologist or cowboy and ended up behind the black and white keys. (Not complaining though)

But the urge for discovery never went away, with every project I get I always try to push the boundaries. Wether it is through technology or through a unique interpretation of the story translated to music.

Every time that telephone rings and the confirmation comes in i’m going to work on something new it is still very hard to catch sleep the night before starting that new adventure….

See you on the next journey!

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Djuri Boot, Dutch Music Composer
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